Map and Pictures

horsethief-248 horsethief-210horsethief-031horsethief-054horsethief-211



horsethief-037horsethief-128Courtesy David Mcphailhorsethief-253







I am attaching a rough map. Please feel free to add further details or clarifications. You can also click on the following link for a Google Map that you can use to toggle between the satellite map and terrain views, zoom in and out and print your own map directions. Click here for a satellite view


4 thoughts on “Map and Pictures

  1. In 1964 I was a Seasonal Park Ranger in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands NP. I used to bump into the rancher who owned Horsethief Ranch and grazed cattle on the Island in the Sky. Ranchers had a 7 or 10 year window where they could continue grazing in the Park. The Rancher was a great guy, old time cowboy, and a wonderful curmudgeon. I visited him once at the Ranch, and his collection of artifacts rivaled the U. of Utah…not rally but he had alot of wonderful stuff. I asked the District Ranger about the Antiquities Act and all of these artifacts, and he said not to worry, they were all found on private property and, if not, nobody was going to bother anyone over them. Only problem, I can’t remember the ranchers name McKinnon or McKinney sound right but I am not at all sure. Anyone know who owned the ranch then?

    1. There have been many, but I believe you refer to Alice and Mac McKinney — see Horsethief Ranch, a book available in Moab’s book store.

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