Horsethief Ranch in Moab Utah

Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah USA

Historic Ranch — Private Acreage At Canyonlands National Park
Horsethief Ranch, a completely self-sufficient compound overlooking Canyonlands National Park in the world famous mountain biking, river rafting, and rock-climbing mecca of Moab Utah. Nestled in a secluded canyon toward the tip of the red rock plateau known as “Island in the Sky,” Horsethief Ranch is the site of a unique geological formation that produces some of the purest spring water on earth. The entire ranch from the wood fired hot tub built into the cliff face to the 1/4 acre organic garden is spring fed via an ingenious gravity and solar pump powered irrigation system.

Located near the confluence of the Green and the Colorado Rivers, the ranch site was once a basecamp for Anasazi hunting parties and eventually a frequent hideout for the legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy. A classic and completely self-contained horse property preserved as a private retreat for your family for generations.  There is nothing similar to this property available anywhere in the world.

The property includes 5 acres hidden in a box canyon framed by red stone cliffs and surrounded by 11,000 acres of grazing land, an historic hand built stone ranch house with 500 year old cedar beams and an oasis of organic fruit trees and spring-fed gardens.


12 thoughts on “Horsethief Ranch in Moab Utah

  1. Is the treadle sewing machine still onsite? Sewed my first quilt with it…my family owned the property before Michael. Great years those were…no phones, no electricity…taught this teenager to entertain herself with books, a guitar, horses and tons of friends and family visiting. We’ll keep our eyes on the sale!

      1. I’ve been in love with the idea of this place since I first heard about it and have been hoping I could come see it. Although, I’m not in any position to purchase, I’m going to follow the map tomorrow and hope to find someone out there that will let me gander at the natural beauty.

      2. Hi

        This is Dan young I was at the ranch today 17 October
        I haven’t been there since 88 or 89. I met weasey. Who is the card taker now. ?

      3. This is Dan young I was at the ranch today 17 October
        I haven’t been there since 88 or 89. I met weasey. Who is the care taker now. ?

        My ph # 9702600271

    1. My great, great, great grandfather built the house. It’s a beautiful property. Sure would love to get it back in the family. The hot tub is definitely a site to see.

  2. My grand parents owned Horse Thief when I was a kid. Lewis & Alice McKinney. I have the best memories of this place. We would ride horses out & look for arrowheads. They are both gone now but my mother has their arrowhead collection!

    1. I knew your grandparents. We used to run cows out there and stopped in to visit with them from time. I was just a kid and would be with my dad. This would have been in the mid to late 60s or early 70s
      Dan young. My dad is curt young

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